Service times

Breakfast is served in the restaurant or in your room, from 07.00 to 10.00.

Regardless of the type of room you reserve at Hotel Eden, breakfast is offered. A generous cold buffet awaits you to accompany your tea, coffee or hot chocolate for children.

The Hotel Eden buffet offers you everything you need for a balanced, continental breakfast, with a wide selection, meaning you can prepare yourself for the rest of the day.


Do you prefer sweet?

You can accompany the many types of bread (white, rye, wholemeal etc.) with not only butter and jam but also honey and Nutella. Cornflakes and other cereals, rice cakes, pastries, fresh and dried fruit (prunes, grapes, apricots, figs, almonds etc.) compotes and yogurts are available for you to enjoy.

The Hotel Eden buffet includes low-calorie products too.


Or do you prefer savoury?

No problem, you will also find what you need to satisfy your appetite: eggs, cheeses, tomatoes, cucumber etc.

Take the opportunity to try some of the local cheeses!


Do you have an early start? Order our Early breakfast

 The Hotel Eden offers the “early breakfast”. If your personal or professional obligations require you to leave the hotel before 07.00, we will prepare a snack for you to take with you. In a paper bag, you will find orange juice, a piece of cheese, a sandwich, a boiled egg, a cereal bar, some biscuits, a piece of fruit and a napkin.

Don’t forget to order your Early breakfast at the hotel reception the day before you depart.